Exosuit – engineered sports top

Thread’s design team worked with Exosuit to develop the Powerflex Technology for their inaugural garment – EX01.

Jamas Hodivala – Exosuit’s founder had an insight from the world of physiotherapy that he felt could translate to a garment that would help athletes with recovery.

Thread worked with closely with the exosuit team to bring materials, bonding technology, fit and multidirectional stretch together. We did this through many design and prototype iterations.

To identify suitable materials we sourced a carefully considered combination of fabrics including high-tech elastic and grippy laminates.

Although the materials were suitable, a classic t-shirt cut was not suitable and so we engineered the fit with a novel set of patterns to build a highly functional compression garment that would hold and support the wearer’s body in the right ways.

Finally we refined the cut of the garment to make it comfortable to wear and make sure that it stayed put for long periods. The outcome is an engineered garment that makes wearers feel stronger and more supported.

This development was made possible by the ability to iteratively prototype in house.

Before going to production, Exosuit has been tested and validated by professional athletes in the field and in the laboratory.


Materials and sourcing

We source materials, fixtures and fittings from a wide range of suppliers, from local retailers to global manufacturers.

Our materials library is continually growing and contains materials fromcotton canvas to highly technical textiles.
We are continually looking for new fabrics to fulfil our clients needs