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In a rapidly changing world, good product design helps you respond to new demands.

Work Hard and Be Nice to People

Thread help clients expand ideas, identify practical solutions, and design effective products that deliver business value and real-world impact.

Our expertise and experience extends to both conventional and technical materials and processes, allowing us to produce practical designs built on our extensive understanding of the capabilities, benefits and limits of materials.

While we enjoy being involved from the start of the creative process, we can contribute to individual elements at any stage during the design and development of a product.

Our technical expertise and enthusiasm for what we do is a big part of what defines us, and we’ve collaborated with designers, engineering consultancies, manufacturers, brands and startups to create inspiring products.



Our designers are constantly testing their ideas and materials to help make the right decisions. We build test rigs and fixtures to support this work. From testing absorbency of materials to go in sanitary products, understand how dry a product will feel after wetting, make sure a bag will be accepted in cabin luggage. Testing helps us build ours and your understanding of the materials and products we work with every day.


Shirin Gerami: Iranian triathlete

Shirin Gerami

We teamed up with Iranian triathlete, Shirin Gerami to reimagine a conventional sports kit to meet her country’s modesty requirements without impacting performance.


Leckey Leeway: soft support design

Leckey Design Healthcare Medical

Soft support design gives firm postural care


Rachel Tomlinson

With a penchant for making products that have a distinct impact on a user’s quality of life, Rachel is our textiles specialist with a background in manufacturing and industrial design engineering.

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