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Thread Design and Development

Thread is a product design consultancy. We integrate expert textiles knowledge with traditional product design.


Thread help clients expand ideas, identify practical solutions, and design effective products that deliver business value and real-world impact.

Our expertise and experience extends to both conventional and technical materials and processes, allowing us to produce practical designs built on our extensive understanding of the capabilities, benefits and limits of materials.

While we enjoy being involved from the start of the creative process, we can contribute to individual elements at any stage during the design and development of a product.

Our technical expertise and enthusiasm for what we do is a big part of what defines us, and we’ve collaborated with designers, engineering consultancies, manufacturers, brands and startups to create inspiring products.



Thread Design and Development

Making is at the heart of most projects at Thread. Ideas can be generated, tested, proven, demonstrated and communicated through prototyping, and this is especially important with textiles. For manufacture, a sample is vital to ensure clear communication of the construction, and the quality required.


Solar cells

Developing the design of portable power systems for defense, adventure and consumer users.


Chris Lewis

Chris is a product designer who became passionate about specialising in products with textiles after designing a technical jacket for hand-cyclists.

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