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Who we are

We are a team of engineers, designers, prototypers and seamstresses who combine technical and creative expertise with broad-minded enthusiasm.

Our people

Elora has an MSc in Advanced Product Design from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Georgie is a textile prototyper with a background in costume construction, tailoring and bridal.

Georgie’s interest in costume was born out of a desire to explore different and unusual materials, construction techniques and the chance to create something visually exciting and that communicates to its intended audience.

Having a background in Costume has not only given Georgie strong problem-solving skills and the ability to contribute and advice on design decisions but also means she understands and greatly values the importance of communication during the design and production process. She enjoys creative discussion and liaising with clients to make sure everyone is always kept in the loop.

Georgie has a BA in Costume Interpretation for stage and screen from London University of Art; Wimbledon college.


Chris is a product designer who became passionate about specialising in products with textiles after designing a technical jacket for hand-cyclists.

For him, design is always driven by the user. He enjoys design challenges and approaches through problem solving and collaboration with the user. His experience of integrating textiles with other disciplines (such as electronics) has fostered his holistic approach to design.

Chris has a BA in Product Design from Cardiff Metropolitan and has just completed his MPhil thesis “Defining a Methodology for the Effective Design Specification of Functional Garments with Integrated Technologies” at the University of South Wales.

With a penchant for making products that have a distinct impact on a user’s quality of life, Rachel is our textiles specialist with a background in manufacturing and industrial design engineering.

Since co-founding Thread, Rachel has combined her engineering skills with her textiles expertise to interpret briefs without the limitations of conventional product design materials and provide fresh direction.

Rachel has a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering from Cambridge University and a Masters in Industrial Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art.

Sam loves technical problem solving. From designing a ventilation system for high-performance outdoor clothing to developing aids for disabled children.

He’s not willing to let his heart rule his head and go for the cleverest looking (or sounding) solution but always wants proof and an explanation. This attitude ensures that his work is reliable, well thought through and efficient.

Sam has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Bristol University and a Masters in Industrial Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art.

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Administrative assistant

We’re looking for a responsible Office Assistant capable of performing various light administrative and practical tasks in our office.

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Textile prototyper

We’re looking for a highly skilled textile prototyper to help us create beautifully well-finished 3D prototypes of a diverse range of products eg. Rucksacks, body armour, pouches for medical devices, technical sports clothing etc.


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Start date

As soon as possible

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