The design of products for medical and healthcare demand a balance of user needs and technical performance. We have a range of experience of design for this sector, from neonatal garments to cosmetic covers for prosthetic limbs.



Leckey Leeway: soft support design

The pelvic cradle is a soft support. It is used with Leckey’s seating systems to help improve spinal and pelvic alignment. The design allows mprovements in the user’s posture which have a huge impact on their quality of life; ranging from improved head posture and so ease of interaction with others through to improved appetite and therefore energy and strength. These things can be life-changing.

Leckey wanted to improve ease of use and develop the product’s aesthetics so that it would stand out.

In a multi-stage project, Thread worked closely with Leckey’s design and research team to develop the product, and then coordinated with the production team in the factory hand over the design for production.

The Leeway was launched in 2013: read more here


Leckey Leeway launched!

The Leckey Leeway pelvic cradle (that Thread helped Leckey to develop) has just been launched. It provides improved postural support and proprioceptive feedback for wheelchair users. The improved hip position can improve upper body posture and position which in turn can improve breathing, head carriage and even appetite! The product developed from the insight that a windsurfing harness keeps the hips in a good position and improves proprioception. A great example of looking at one atypical situation (we’re not all windsurfers!) for inspiration in another atypical situation.

Website link: Leckey Leeway, pelvic harness