What we do

We collaborate

As a team of engineers, designers, prototypers and seamstresses, we value close collaboration with clients and external subject-matter experts. We pride ourselves on asking questions, and regularly host creative sessions with our clients to fully understand their vision, help drive new design ideas and provide fresh direction.

We’re strategic

We conduct intelligent research into products, processes and materials to deconstruct and simplify ideas into solutions that work. While no two projects are the same, our design process remains consistent: we listen, research, create, test, and deliver.

We’re technical

Our knowledge of conventional and technical materials is broad and always expanding, enabling us to offer expert guidance on materials’ capabilities, benefits and limits. As a technically-minded group of people our practical dexterity shines through in our detailed prototypes and finished products.

We’re user-led

There’s no point creating a beautiful product if it doesn’t have function, and the use-experience is key in evaluating the strength of a product. Our user-led approach to design enables us to construct products that solve problems and create an impact for their users.