Bag is Go

When James from Gobag approached us to help him build on the success of the original Gobag, we leapt at the chance. The new design was to be a feature-rich refinement of the original, which incorporates a vacuum compressed compartment for maximising space.


The work began with a cuboid and a spreadsheet of different airlines’ cabin bag rules to guide our envelope and the silhouette. From here we worked closely with James, exploring and agonising together over the style, material selection, and most of all, the many features that the users of this bag would need.

Learning and feedback

As a crowd-funding expert, James was able to gather really insightful feedback from his passionate consumers – the super users – this gave us good material to work with. The feature list on this bag is long to cater for the multiplicity of different scenarios for use – packing, navigating the airport, into the airplane and finally, on the adventure itself. 

Our process

Once we had identified the overall envelope we set about exploring features and detailing through 2d drawings and 3d models, whilst sampling the myriad details in the build up to pattern-cutting and assembling the complex prototype that would be the basis for factory sampling.

Manufacture support

Once the design was in the hands of manufacturers, we were available to provide support when James needed a modification tested or thoughts on how to solve a construction problem.

The result

The bag went on to raise almost $300000 in two crowdfunding campaigns. The Thread team also use their Gobag prototypes daily and for work travel.